S’more of Something Simple

This past memorial day weekend I was able to have a perfect weekend visiting Acadia National Park in Maine.  Although I used to consider myself not the type of person that would enjoy camping, over the course of college I have learned to appreciate the simplicity of it and the disconnect you are able to achieve while doing it. This past weekend was nothing short of exceptional.  I was able to conquer fears, experience beauty, and share in many many laughs.  And in life, what more do you need?  Well… since this is a food blog, I guess one more essential component is good food.  And we certainly got that too.  This weekend was perfect for bringing me back to center and making me appreciate the simple things.

Here is what I ate for the weekend with a few recipes thrown in:


Lunch: Vittles, Pittsfield ME.  Get the Vittles burger and definitely get icecream! This place is quirky and simple but they definitely know a good burger and damn good ice cream!

Dinner: Fire roasted hot dogs, grilled veggies, baked beans, and S’mores! (we made some with mint oreo thins!)


Breakfast: Oatmeal and toast with wild blueberry jam and some fruit

Lunch: All the hiking necessities: PB&J , goldfish, granola bars, apples and oranges

Dinner: Grilled cheese, mashed potatoes, and salad (can use some of the cooked veggies from the night before here)


Breakfast: Yogurt, fruit, and toast

Lunch: The largest portion of Maine seafood your stomach can handle


I know this isn’t my typical recipe post, but I want all the foodies to know to go explore the great out doors.  You will appreciate the simple things so much more for doing so!


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