The Unexpected Journey

Sometimes, you just need an adventure, and when I hopped into the car yesterday I wasn’t positive where it would take me.  But I am so happy I took a chance, because I would have never found these amazing places!!

The first place in my food journey was the Plymouth Bay Winery.  For 6 dollars you get to try all of their wines and get a cute wine glass to keep!  They have about 10-15 wines, all made in house, and all bottled within the last three weeks.  This is a special place!  Each wine has its own unique flavor and story.  The owner was very good at painting a picture of what the wine would taste like, and was amazingly accurate.  Each wine had unexpected notes such as pear or blackberry and many different feels from rich to dry.  The wines were so good I was tempted to buy 12 bottles, but resisted, settling on 3, which was a very hard decision to make. They have a stunning view of the water, and this is a really fun stop to make if you are in Plymouth.


The next stop was presented to me as such “well they don’t own a microwave or freezer” and I thought, that is some place I need to go.  This place was called Nosh Tavern, also in Plymouth.  It is definitely a fun bar, when I walked in there was live music and that night they were having a paint event.  When I looked at the menu my eyes went directly to the burgers.  They have several “truths” about their burgers and the first one was that the chef fresh grinds the meat daily, all in house.  And from that point on I was sold.  I got the port cheese burger with had blue cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon marmalade.  This also came with the usual lettuce and tomato, but also homemade pickled onions and cucumber (so delicious).  Not to mention a serving of great fries with homemade ketchup.  It was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.


The night was supposed to end at a bar in Boston, but like a lost freshman, we were all dressed up with no where to go. So we went to Saus, by Haymarket.  This place is adorable with a large chalk drawn menu with fries, poutine, sandwiches, and sweets.  It really had everything.  I got an order of poutine, since I’ve never had it before, and my company got beer floats.  Oh yes, they make floats out of beer.  Happiness ensued with this combination, pair it with the poutine, and we had one hell of a night.


All in all, the unexpected journeys are often the best.

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