From My Family To Yours: Easter Edition

Easter is by far one of my favorite holidays.  It has always generated a different level of excitement for me from childhood through adulthood.  This year was a little bit rushed, it unfortunately fell during finals so dinner was a little rushed to get me on the bus.  None the less I was still able to get my family time.  This year was also my GPa’s birthday, so there was even MORE dessert (like we needed it).  But let me tell you a bit of how my family celebrates Easter, as told through food.


Now you don’t really want to eat breakfast in the morning because you know there is going to be long day of eating ahead of you. BUT the easter bunny does hide eggs (yes the real kind) and so when you find those you usually eat one or two.  Then fritatta is also made from the leftover easter bread filling.  And then theres chocolate… if you dont eat some form of chocolate for breakfast you are not celebrating easter properly.

Like I said, we try not to eat too much before we head to the grandparents, but as you can see… we dont actually follow that.


The GParents house:


When you walk in you can immediately smell the ham cooking.  This year we cut down on the dinner section and focused mostly on brunch and dessert, because those are the important things.  But its not time to eat right away.  First you go sit in the living room to partially digest your “breakfast”, so to aid this digestion you eat more candy and chocolate.  You also sip down some mimosas because those definitely help.  And then you have conversation and laugh, and my family is very good at laughing so you usually end up laughing so much you realize you are hungry again.  So you head to your respective table, oh yes there is still a kid table, and start on even more fritatta and easter bread.

For those who don’t know, easter bread is like a breakfast calzone.  Its filled with eggs, 3 meats, 3 cheeses, and some herbs.  I get to have it once a year and I am addicted to it, I could eat about 4 on my own.   Some people make it in a pie version but my family prefers the bread version.

Then there is also some fruit that people eat to pretend to be healthy and this is when we eat some ham.  We even had candied smoked salmon, which I didnt try, but it was all the way from Canada so I am sure it was good.

So again we retire to try and digest before we eat the next course.



So now it is time for homemade pasta and sauce.  My aunt makes homemade pasta every year, basically for all the major holidays.  If you have never had homemade pasta you are seriously missing out.  We also had some artichokes to go along with it.  At this point, everyone is very full, but dessert is next, so everyone unlatches a belt loop and keeps going.


We had a LOT of dessert, some of which I’m not even sure what it was, but Im just gonna give you the run down of what was on the table, aside from all the candy.

  • Cheesecake
  • 3 layer chocolate birthday cake
  • french macaroons
  • jam filled cookies
  • thumbprint cookies
  • and maybe some other stuff I missed because of leaving early


Now although I am telling you all about what we ate, what I love about easter is the time I get with my amazing family.  I hope you ate well this easter but also had an opportunity to appreciate the friends and family in your life that make it so special.  So remember food is love, spread the love to friends, family, and strangers whenever you can 😀





Also I got to experience my first Passover seder the other night and it was also truly fabulous and wonderful.  The ceremony was truly beautiful and meaningful and the food was prepared by a wonderful chef! Sorry no pics 😦

20140420-200814.jpgPeanut butter M&M’s, the only way to eat them now

20140420-200823.jpgWe really didnt have enough candy….

20140420-200834.jpgEaster Bread 😀

20140420-200842.jpgFruit, and LOTS of it




20140420-200919.jpgHomemade pasta

20140420-200927.jpgDoesnt it look artsy and delicious??

20140420-200943.jpgMy aunt makes perfection


20140420-200955.jpgThe big mans birthday

20140420-201000.jpgMy other aunt also made the PERFECT cheesecake(no cracks at ALL)

One Comment Add yours

  1. The other aunt says:

    The food you share with people you love and admire is always the most delicious. Maybe next year we pass the aprons to the next generation?

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