Educate Your Palate

As I am looking down the barrel of 3 short weeks until I am Brazil I realize sometimes I can be kind of picky or hesitant to try things.  As a child who only at chicken fingers at restaurants until the age of 14, trying new things can be difficult.  Something I love dearly about this school is the annual event the dining hall hosts called Educate Your Palate.  When I was a plucky young freshman and went to my first one I really didn’t know what to expect.  It was some of the best food I had ever eaten, let alone in a dining hall.  I still talk about the blueberry soup that they had! But this year they really outdid themselves.  Why I love this event is it gives students the opportunity to try something different and that they may not usually get a chance to try.  So Im going to stop yapping and tell you about some of the awesome things I tried.  I encourage you to try new things not only when you are out to eat but try to cook new things! You never know what you could like!



The theme of the event was spring flavors.  To start off they had a “cold section” this included:

  • oysters on the half shell where you could top them with shaved champagne or a vinaigrette
  • then they had picked shrimp
  • a crostini with beets on top
  • scallop ceviche shooters
  • then three kinds of deviled eggs: roasted pepper, smoked salmon, and avocado, anchovy, and caviar

Then as you walked into IV there were long tables in the middle of the room each having kind of a different theme and options the first had:

  • portuguese grilled sardines
  • sautéed mussels
  • Mediterranean potato salad
  • portuguese yellow rice
  • and a fritatta

The fun just kept going with a Mediterranean like station that included:

  • leg of lamb
  • baba ghanoush
  • rice pilaf
  • brussel sprouts

The next one had some fried favorites:

  • fried chicken
  • fried pickles(by far one of my favorite things I ate)
  • biscuits with BACON JAM!!! (it was actually amazing)
  • slaw
  • mexican corn

The last station had a asian theme to it:

  • Dumplings
  • eggplant pasta
  • easter egg radishes
  • sautéed peas
  • and a carrot salad

Now after eating all that I was amazed I even wanted dessert, but you have to try everything right??  Dessert included raspberry bars, eclairs, and french macaroons.  Which I have never had before but WOW, they were fabulous.  I definitely now get what all the hype is about.

The room was decorated with adorable lanterns and wooden bars, as well as a drink stand that included green tea with a twist that you could drink from a mason jar that you later could take home. (Im not even about the mason jar movement but that was cool)


All in all it was again validated as my favorite event on campus.  The staff at IV again outdoing themselves and I cannot see what they have in store for next year!





(as a disclaimer, I may have missed spelled things, and not all the dishes were included)

20140417-095548.jpgSorry for the poor quality, but thats al the seafood and deviled eggs


20140417-095558.jpgThe mussels and fish

20140417-095608.jpgThe oysters, one with the vinaigrette and one with champagne

20140417-095615.jpgpickled shrimp

20140417-095624.jpgthe fried pickle and potato salad in the back

20140417-095633.jpgthe fish, which I dont even like but it was good

20140417-095640.jpgThe lamb

20140417-095648.jpgThe carrot salad

20140417-095656.jpgThe fried chicken

20140417-095703.jpgBACON JAM


20140417-095720.jpgthis is the easter egg radishes and above is the peas

20140417-095727.jpgThe mexican corn (which may be the new way I eat corn)

20140417-095738.jpgThe fabulous macaroons!

20140417-095744.jpgRaspberry bar

20140417-095750.jpgeclairs, one was salted caramel and the other had bacon on it

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