Christina Vs Coconut

For reasons I cant truly rationalize, at my last trip to Haymarket they were selling coconuts and I decided I needed to have it. I am not sure I truly grasped how hard a damn coconut is to open, especially in a dorm where I don’t have any tools or resources. But, today I woke up determined and so the christina vs coconut battle began.  Lets say I won the battle, but I have yet to win the war, recipes to follow if I ever do.  So I am gonna tell you how to get out the juice and then what I made with that 😀

How to get the juice:

This probably would have been a lot easier if I had a blunt object and a hammer… but I didnt. So this is the hard way to do it.  So each coconut has 3 “eyes”, they are the dark circles near the top.  One of these will be softer than the others.  Once you find that spot, just go at it with whatever you have.  I had a knife… I broke the knife.. I dont suggest you use a knife.  BUT I did finally get out all of the juice this way, which was a lot less than I was expecting. Now, what do you do with that juice is up to you.



I made a smoothie of sorts with the juice of the coconut. It was surprisingly salty so I had to add a bit of sugar, but this can be excluded and you can just have a nice healthy drink!

Pineapple Dream:

  • coconut water
  • chunks of pineapple
  • thats it

Sunrise Special:

  • frozen strawberries
  • pineapple
  • coconut water

Try adding your own things in and seeing how that goes! Never be afraid to experiment!  I have yet to get the coconut open, but I will be victorious!!

20140417-170043.jpgThe war begins

20140417-170053.jpgBroken knife


20140417-170115.jpgNot so much juice





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