Sorry, that was aggressive, but I just LOVE steak.  And before I was incredibly limited by what I could make using red meat, but now with handy help of my crock pot the options are limitless!!! This recipe is mexican by choice but it would taste great on top of anything like a salad or with mashed potatoes, it is very versatile.  Its also delicious!! Don’t be afraid of red meat any longer! You can make it! I believe!! (sorry Im just really excited!)



  • beef chuck (for stew)
  • onions
  • green olives
  • hot sauce
  • garlic
  • cumin
  • salt and pepper
  • lime juice
  • cilantro
  • oil

How to:

  1. First chop up your onions, I used 2 small onions for half a pound of meat, which was pretty oniony, so depending on how much you like onion, vary that a bit.
  2. add a bit of oil to this, not much, then your meat on top.
  3. add 2 garlic cloves to the mix, a 1/3 cup of water, a boat load of cumin.  Then a generous amount of salt and pepper.  Add a few olives in as well, and a bit of their juice.
  4. then you let this cook for hours, I cooked it for 9 hours on high and it was perfect, it was probably done by hour 7 though.  Also add in your cilantro and hot sauce towards hour 3 of cooking.
  5. Towards the very end of the cooking add some juice from either a lemon or a lime.
  6. and you are done!! that was easy!! Just wait til you taste it!



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