Food is Love, Spread the Love

Hi everyone, so many of you often ask me to cook for you or to show you how to cook, well here is your opportunity!!! There is some what of a catch, so let me explain.

Something that I am very passionate about is food, obviously, but more than just cooking I want to put in my efforts to rid the world of hunger.  There are families in need everywhere and we often don’t realize how many of them may be our neighbors.  The things that breaks my heart the most is every day I drive by several intersections to see people with signs saying “please help, anything will help” and one man in particular has the reverse of his sign say “its okay to smile” and I am at a loss every time I drive by of how I can best help them.  That is why I am turning to my blog.  I am one person yes, but for some reason people love to look at my blog and admire my cooking, and if I can inspire a handful of those people to help someone else not be hungry tonight, I will be happy.

So this is what is happening, I am going to host a dinner party, and possibly cooking demo space permitting.  If you want in on this dinner party (which you do, cause I will be cooking all of it) this is what you have to do.  Either donate 2 hrs of your time at a food bank/pantry or soup kitchen, donate 25 dollars to a food bank/ soup kitchen, or roughly 25 in food to the previously mentioned sights.  I do understand, finding 2 hrs of your time can be sometimes near impossible and 25 dollars is an amount unheard of with most college students.  But think of those two hours where you are helping someone else not go to bed hungry and sad, and 25 dollars worth of food can feed many people.

SO, sorry for the long post, but spread the word! And contact me with any questions! And hopefully see you all at this dinner party (date tbd)!!!!!

And as always keep an eye out for what Im cooking up because you may get the opportunity to try it!!!


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