Tried to Domesticate Ya

So the other week one of my coworkers made pot roast and brought it for lunch. It smelled so good I knew I needed to make it for myself. Now I do not have a slow cooker and that would have made this a lot easier but alas, make it work with what you got. This recipe is more of labor of love then my usual recipes BUT you make enough to eat for a week! So it’s definitely worth it!

– pot roast ( will be labeled as such in the super market)
– onion
– French onion soup mix
– can of cream of mushroom soup

How to:
1. You need a deep open safe pan that is large enough to fit your pot roast.
2. So lay your pot roast in and salt and pepper it lightly.
3. Then put in your pieces of onion and a few carrots in. Then pour on your onion soup mix. Then your can of cream of mushroom soup. And fill that can once with water and add that also.
4. Now this bakes to death, basically at least 3 hours. It should start to nearly fall apart.
5. That’s it! Just cook it forever!!


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