Frugally Fierce

So I recently moved into a new apartment an started my new co op. Both of these two factors have led to me not wanting to cook much anymore. I also don’t have many ingredients in my kitchen since I may only be here a short time. But after perusing the isles of market basket (the best grocery store ever) I got a little inspiration and decided I couldn’t eat frozen dinners two nights in a row. One of things I got was a hot fresh rotisserie chicken which was under 5 bucks and will have
fed me for 4 days now. Tonight’s meal was Mexican and it was wickedly tasty. So even if you don’t think you have time or ingredients to cook, you can and you should!

-left over chicken
– black beans
– salsa
– white onion
– dried garlic
– olives
– radishes
– lettuce
– cheese
– sour cream
– hot sauce
– olives
– cumin
– rice

How to:
1. So begin by chopping up your chicken and get right to the bone to get all you can.
2. Spray the pan and then put in your chicken and diced onion. Adding the dried garlic and cumin to this.
3. After a few minutes of cooking add about 3 tablespoons of hot sauce and a few dashes of hot sauce
4. Continue letting this cook for another 3-4 minutes then add your rinsed black beans to the pan. This should cook for another 7 minutes just letting everything get cooked and add a bit more cumin as well.
5. Right before it is done add a bit of olive juice to the pan. This changes everything 🙂
6. Once everything is all cooked, including your rice. Assemble it all up with rice on the bottom, then chicken, then cheese, lettuce, radishes, olives, and sour cream
7. Mix it all up and enjoy! So easy an quick and you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make something really tasty!



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