Classy Crostini

Most of the time I like to keep things easy and simple and just stick to the basics of what I know, but like those nights you just want to throw on your sexiest heels, sometimes the urge comes to make something fancy. These crostini’s came to mind because were  just about to sit down to a ribs dinner, but its taking longer than expected and I needed just a little snack. These take a little more labor, but its out of love.  They’d be good to make for a party if you really like the people because these could take some effort, but are delicious.  These also can be dressed as much up or down as you choose.  Im giving you the very dressed up recipe, but you can take away components and they would still hold up.  Eat these with some sparkling grape juice as a nice happy hour treat!


  • bread- I used asiago cheese demi loaf from panera but a baguette will do too
  • laughing cow spreadable cheese (low cal if your keeping your figure 😉 )
  • grape tomatoes
  • black olives
  • fresh basil
  • chive infused olive oil (this may be stretch, a little dash of vinegar could work too)
  • red pepper aioli- if you still have it from the other recipe

How to:

  1. this doesn’t really take that much effort, cause its just some slicing and toasting, but considering one bite has 6 components, it takes more time than you think
  2. so start by slicing the olives, tomatoes and basil very think (the basil you want to slice into ribbons)
  3. slice your bread into disks about a centimeter thick and toast in the oven at 35o till golden and crunchy (they need to be crunchy)
  4. once your bread is done, layer the cheese, aioli, tomatoes, olives, basil, and use a few drops of olive oil on them
  5. they’re light and fresh and are a nice snack!










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