Champagne Mango Lassi

I feel as though every few years there is a fruit that is the “it” fruit.  It’s everywhere and everyone wants it.  A while ago and slightly still now it was pomegranates and recently mangos have been growing in popularity.  They are the posh fruit.  But what everyone may not know is that there are different kind of mangos each with their own unique flavoring.  So this is a spotlight on the champagne mango, its my moms favorite, it hasn’t quite convinced me yet but its working its way there.  This mango has a lot less carrot flavoring and has a bit of kiwi taste to it. Even the texture is slightly similar.  So when you see this beautiful yellow mango don’t be afraid thats its different than the others, and give it a try.  Its good to eat just on its own, or in the following lassi recipe.


  • mango
  • vanilla yogurt
  • a little milk
  • sweetener depending on the ripeness of your mango

How to:

  1. so you going to chop up your mango and put in a blender or cup if your using a hand held blender
  2. remember a little yogurt goes a long way so about 2- 3 tablespoons should do it
  3. use the milk to thin it out to the desired thickness
  4. BAM! lassi! its good and refreshing 😀


IMG_1348 IMG_1353

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