THIS IS 5000!!!!

It is hard to believe but somehow you beautiful hungry people have viewed my blog 5000 times! nearly 1000 since February! I am so blessed to have you amazing people!  So with it comes a little toast, and with that comes with a little cocktail, strictly virgin for the youngins like me but can be adapted to suit the older crowd 😀  With many graduation parties and other special occasions this quick punch is refreshing and bound to be a crowd pleaser.  Thank you all again, you keep looking and ill keep cooking!



  • oranges
  • maraschino cherries (just the syrup)
  • sprite/ citrus soda
  • apple juice

How to:

  1. this drink tastes best with fresh squeezed orange juice, but if your making this for a party, thats not effective.  Try to use at least a few fresh squeezed oranges with your store bought stuff to freshen it up, also add some fresh slices and it will lift the whole flavor to a lot fresher
  2. so the proportion for one drink is 1/2 cup orange juice to 2 tablespoons apple juice to just a splash of cherry juice to about 2 tablespoons sprite.
  3. thats it, a quick easy cocktail to celebrate what ever accomplishment you’ve had, or that its Wednesday!


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