Pintos and Cheese

Back in the day you’d be able to find this dish at Taco Bell, although they don’t serve it anymore Ive done my best to recreate it for all the beautiful people that are reading this and are curious.  The reason I brought this dish back was because this past week I got sick and couldn’t swallow anything.  I needed to eat, but ice cream and yogurt just wasn’t doing it for me.  I needed something filling but soft, this hits the mark for both of those qualifications as well as delicious.  This dish is great for the sick and healthy alike.  Its easy and filling and can be a late afternoon snack, light lunch or with a few modifications the perfect dinner!  So instead of take out head for your pantry instead!


  • Canned refried beans
  • shredded cheese
  • diced white onion (finely diced)
  • hot sauce (optional but highly suggested)
  • sour cream (personal preference)

How to:

  1. This hardly qualifies as directions but, scope out some refried beans into a microwave safe dish, a little goes a long way
  2. sprinkle some diced onion on top
  3. sprinkle a generous amount of cheese
  4. microwave for about a minute and a half so everything is hot and melty
  5. add some hot sauce and any other toppings you desire and enjoy!  this also can be a really good bean dip 😉

IMG_1269 IMG_1271 IMG_1272 IMG_1273


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