Just Peachy

This is about the easiest dessert you may ever make ever.  It feeds a lot of people and you can always have the ingredients just lying in your pantry.  It also has great flavor and can be whipped up for an impromptu dinner party! 


  • bisquick/ baking mix (and what ever the box calls for to make the biscuit dough)
  • canned peaches
  • brown sugar

How to:

  1. make the biscuit dough following directions but adding more of what ever liquid is called for to make the dough a little bit more wet
  2. in a glass pan or casserole dish pour out the canned peaches (use fresh if you got them) pour out a little bit of the juice to prevent it from being too wet.  cut them into bite size chunks
  3. sprinkle a little brown sugar over the top (or white) or none its not necessarily needed
  4. then dollop the biscuit dough over the top and try to smooth it out so there aren’t too many gaps
  5. bake according to directions or until golden brown
  6. eat with ice cream or whip cream or by itself 😉


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