HEALTHY Buff Chick Dip

Okay so I have done it, this recipe is a healthy buffalo chicken dip.  It is full of protein and calcium and yummy fabulousness.  For this recipe I did the same thing and put them in the tortilla shell, it was like little homemade hot pockets, they are actually fabulous. If you like buffalo chicken dip you need to try this.


  • buffalo sauce
  • boneless skinless chicken tenders/breasts 
  • cottage cheese
  • ranch (use light to make it even healthier)
  • cream cheese (use fat free to make it even healthier)
  • tortilla dough. (optional)

How to:

  1. cook the chicken with salt pepper and dried garlic, this took about 20 minutes at a 375 oven for tenders.  I used 2 tenders for this recipe
  2. once the chicken is cooked I was lazy and used the food processor.  put the chicken in there then 2 big scoops of cottage cheese.
  3. lots of buffalo sauce, I used about a teaspoon and a half give or take.  Then a squirt of ranch.
  4. I used two little pads of cream cheese, but you don’t even really need it.
  5. pulse this mixture in your food processor until well blended but don’t over pulverize. 
  6. now you can bake this to make dip or follow the same routine as the potato pocket recipe and fill the tortilla dough with the buff chic mixture. 
  7. bake this for about 10 minutes until golden brown (or bubbly) 
  8. this is SO good and really, actually pretty healthy, I mean don’t skip eating your fruits and veggies to eat this, but it won’t kill your workout to eat it!


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