Buff Chick Dip

Since I joined a sorority I have learned several things about myself.  The one thing beyond all else though is that I am addicted to buffalo chicken dip, okay its not the most prominent thing, but I do dream about it at least once a week.  This stuff is addicting, one bite and you’ll be hooked too.  As we speak me and my roommate are currently devouring this at a scary pace… it won’t be here come the end of the post.  I am going to try to make this recipe healthier but until then take the couple calories and eat it all! You can try not to, but your resistance is futile.


  • chicken, I used chicken tenders.  2 tenders made about a portion for 2.
  • 1 Tablespoon(at least) buffalo sauce
  • cream cheese
  • light mayo ( sour cream would work also)
  • ranch
  • shredded cheddar

How to:

  1. first begin by baking the chicken seasoned with salt pepper and little bit of garlic.
  2. then shred the chicken.  I used the two fork technique, it takes a little bit of effort but its also a good workout 😉
  3. once shredded douce in hot sauce, you want the chicken to have an orange tint (add more depending on your preference)
  4. then add about a tablespoon of mayo or sour cream.  Then add about a quarter of a block of cream cheese, cubing it up.  add some more hot sauce at this point.
  5. add about a table spoon of ranch and mix everything up.  Add in a handful of cheese stir it up and add more buffalo if need be.
  6. bake at 375 for about 10-15 minutes when it gets all bubbly and delicious.  Give a quick stir before serving, and eat this hot, but you can also eat it cold, its that good.
  7. be warned, you’ll be addicted, eat with caution.







IMG_1085 IMG_1088 IMG_1090 IMG_1089 IMG_1087

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