Seconds Only Salad Dressing

The title is true to this recipe, it only takes seconds to make.  We all know we have to eat healthy, but sometimes it is easier said than done.  We have to figure out a way of making veggies taste less like rabbit food and more like delicious, without the addition of loads of butter or frying it.  This salad dressing will spruce up any salad, and it can be altered to fit any mood or type of lettuce.


  • balsamic vinegar
  • olive oil (I prefer extra virgin)
  • salt & pepper (garlic and other spices are optional)
  • mustard. for the one pictured I used yellow, but I find dijon is delicious, and honey mustard adds a sweet tang(perfect for arugula)

How to:

  1. I use 1 1/2 parts vinegar to one part oil
  2. add a light squirt of mustard, taste and if more is needed add
  3. I like to add the spices on top of my salad but you can add then to your dressing directly
  4. stir, and bam! flavor!
  5. yeah, its simple and easy, but sometimes people just need a bit of inspiration

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