Comfort Corn Chowder

Today is one of those days where you have to have a meal consisting of some form of comfort food.  Well I had milk going bad and had a yearning for corn chowder.  Little did I know how easy this recipe is.  And they’re are so few ingredients its the perfect dorm recipe, and it will make your whole house smell amazing.


  • canned corn
  • potatoes
  • white onion
  • bacon(optional)
  • flour
  • milk

How to:

  1. dice up the onions and sauté in about a tablespoon of butter until the onions are clear
  2. if you are adding bacon there are two options: dice it and cook it in the pan your will be using for your soup, then pull it out and cook the onions in it and throw the cooked bacon in later. OR if your using pre cooked bacon like myself, throw it in just a few seconds before the onions are done
  3. then add 3 tablespoons of flour, and cook for about 3 minutes, stirring constantly (this is your rue)
  4. then add a can of corn
  5. 3 medium potatoes diced (you can change the ratio if you like more corn and less potatoes)
  6. and fill the empty can of corn twice with water and make sure all of the potatoes are well covered
  7. let cook at a low boil
  8. once potatoes are soft add a cup of milk (or less of cream) and cook for just another minute
  9. add salt and pepper to taste
  10. and bam!! instant comfort!!


theres no picture for this one but in its place I want to give a big shout out to my mommy who gave me this recipe and always knows how to comfort me when I need it.  Im so lucky I have such a smart woman to call my mom 😀

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