Soothing Suckers

Surprise!!  Although winter should be the end of the cold is not the end of sickness and feeling, well, icky.  Lately everyone’s feeling the sore throat blues.  Well ive created the two perfect remedies for those fire throats.  One is a popsicle packed with vitamins and other good stuff, and one is a picker-up popsicle with a little bit of caffeine and a lot of flavor.  Both ones with help any sore throat, and can be made nice and quick.

Creme-sicle Dream-sicle:


  • vanilla yogurt
  • orange juice (lots of pulp)
  • pinch of sugar
  • popsicle makers or Dixie cups and popsicle sticks

How to:

  1. depending on the size of your popsicle holders your measurements will vary.  
  2. the ratio is 2 parts yogurt to 1 part juice, and a pinch of sugar per cup of yogurt
  3. you want to mix the yogurt, juice, and sugar until it is completely blended and smooth
  4. then pour into cups/ popsicle holders.  Let freeze for at least 3 hours
  5. when trying to remove run the outside under warm water for a few seconds and it will slide right out
  6. Enjoy! Hope it helps those sore throats!

The Very Cherry


  • cherry coke
  • popsicle holders

How to:

  1. Pour cherry coke into popsicle holders
  2. freeze
  3. then sooth those sore throats 😀

One Comment Add yours

  1. avery says:

    I have the worst sore throat right now! this looks promising! i’ll let you know how it works. (i’m sure it will be better to have than medicine!)

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