Orange Infused Hot Chocolate

Winter has few benefits. Endless snowmen, fast paced snow ball fights, and hidden snow forts, to name a few, but the greatest thing about the winter is endless cups of hot chocolate.  I love all sorts of hot chocolate; french vanilla, regular, even caramel, but the best I can make at home is Orange Infused Hot Chocolate.  It takes my favorite chocolate (the chocolate orange) and turns it into a warm and refreshing beverage. It’s easy to make any time to jazz up that plain hot chocolate.


  • hot chocolate (instant packet or slow made stuff)
  • creme
  • orange juice (and a little bit of zest)
  • Ferrara Chocolate Orange – optional  

How to:

  1. make hot chocolate normally
  2. in a separate bowl combine how much creme your going to use in your hot chocolate, and add just about the same amount of orange juice, and a very little bit of orange zest
  3. stir until combined
  4. (add chocolate wedge if you want)
  5. and like all good hot chocolate top with whipped creme :}
  6. drink while hot

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